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Department of Internal Medicine III

The focus of the Department of Internal Medicine III in patient care, research and teaching lies in hematological, oncological, infectious and rheumatologic disease as well as palliative care for cancer patients. [more]

New hope beyond chemotherapy:

A team of doctors at the University of Ulm has contributed to the development of a novel treatment for the most common form of leukemia (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) as well as as a particular form of lymphoma (mantle cell lymphoma [more]

Cure for specific form of leukemia possible:

A team of medical doctors at the University Hospital of Ulm has developed a new therapy for a particular type of acute leukemia, the so-called acute promyelocytic leukemia. [moreNews & Press Releases]

Master guitarist Joscho Stephan offers patients great enthusiasm:
50 patients and staff of the Department of Internal Medicine III of the University Hospital of Ulm experienced a very special evening on Tuesday evening, May 27th 2014: The renowned guitarist Joscho Stephan and his trio gave a concert at the hospital. [more]

Understanding and combatting leukemia:
With a fund of around 8.8 million euros, the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG) will promote excellence for the next four years. [more]



Grüner Halbkreis Hematology
Grüner Halbkreis Oncology
Grüner Halbkreis Rheumatology
Grüner Halbkreis Infectious Diseases



Researcher, teacher and patient advocate Prof. Hermann Heimpel dies at the age of 84 years. [more]


Professor Döhner receives high European award for cancer research. [more]



Professor Döhner is new Vice President for Medicine and Diversity at Ulm University

Prof. Hartmut Döhner takes on the chairmanship as Debatin successor. [more]



New hope beyond chemotherapy

Specific treatment approaches for patients with leukemia and lymphoma. [more]



Cure for Specific Form of Leukemia Possible.

Ulm scientist publish results of their clinical trial in renowned journal, The New England Journal of Medicine. [more]



The fight back to life: Professional female boxer El-Halabi gives patients courage. [more]



Franziska Kolb Prize 2012 Awarded to Dr. Verena I. Gaidzik. [more]



Leukemia Researchers Search fro Biomarker Treasure. [more]

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