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In the following we would like to present you briefly our University Hospital and inform you about our medical service here in Ulm.

The Ulm University Medical Center is dedicated to providing excellent health care to our patients. Our medical service in diagnostics and treatment combine health services with research and teaching. This enables a quick access to state-of-the-art scientific knowledge for diagnostics and therapy. Daily our clinical and scientific experts strive to gain a better understanding of human diseases and to discover more effective treatments for our patients. 

Based on this comprehensive approach to health care, medical treatment at the Ulm University Medical Center provides a profound supply in all medical disciplines. By combining all expertise of our departments we are able to find the best therapy for every individual disease. In our clinics and special treatment centres highly qualified physicians and nursing staff treat patients with dedicated care.

Our aim is to find the best possible therapy in accordance with the latest scientific knowledge for our patients.

Annually approx. 43,000 patients receive in-patient treatment at the University Hospital of Ulm. Additionally, we see approx. 270,000 out-patient cases per year. 


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