• Virus-Wirt-Interaktionen
  • Molekulare Mechanismen der Resistenzentstehung gegen antivirale Substanzen
  • Biologische Funktionen von Virusproteinen

The Group of Dr. Jens von Einem

The main research focus of the lab is on the role of various tegument proteins of human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) in infection processes and assembly of the virus particle. The interaction of tegument proteins with cellular or viral proteins is important for their function and generation of infectious progeny virus during infection. In this context, the identification and functional analysis of protein domains of various tegument proteins is a major focus of the lab. 

One key method to analyze the importance of those domains during HCMV infection is a markerless BAC-mutagenesis technique, which is used to manipulate the genome of HCMV in E. coli and to generate virus mutants which are subsequently analyzed in cell culture and models of infection.

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