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Founded in July 2009 the Institute of Experimental Cancer Research is located in the new building of the biochemical und biomedical fundamental research department ( N27). The Institute of Experimental Cancer Research is mainly focusing on  research and teaching. As clinical institute of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Ulm (CCCU) it is one the prior aims of the institute to foster  translational research in the field of cancer biology and to function as a bridge between basic research institutes and clinical departments. Our research groups are particularly interested in understanding the cellular and molecular pathogenesis or cancer, taking acute leukemias as a model disease. Another focus is the clinical research and initiation and coordination of multicenter randomized trials in the field of indolent B – NHL. In addition, the director of the institute is actively taking part in  patient care at  the University Hospital Ulm, Department of Internal Medicine  III (Hematology /Oncology).



The institute is involved  in teaching and supervising  students enrolled in medicine and molecular biology and takes part in the postgraduate program  of the “International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine” of the University Ulm.  In addition , the institute is responsible for the conception of the module “Interdisciplinary Oncology” of the recently founded master online study program “Advanced Oncology” for postgraduates.

Medical Director

Bild vom Abteilungsleiter

Prof. Dr. med. Christian Buske
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
D-89081 Ulm

E-Mail: christian.buske[at]
Tel.: 0731/500-65888
Fax: 0731/500-65802


E-Mail: jennifer.kelp[at]
Tel.: 0731/500-65888
Fax: 0731/500-65822




11/2016: Congratulations to Deidre Daria on her successful completed promotion!


11/2016: Congratulations to Michaela Feuring-Buske, Eva Gentner and Vijay Rawat for publication of their work about “VENTX induces expansion of primitive erythroid cells and contributes to the development of acute myeloid leukemia in mice” in “Oncotarget”.


10/2016: we wish Dr. Kristine Höfer a good start at our institute – she will support our team “clinical studies”.


10/2016: We welcome our new team member Dagmar Eiermann. She will support our team ‘clinical studies’.


10/2016: We are happy to announce that the work on a leukemic stem cell signature in patients with AML was accepted for publication in the journal “Nature”! We participated in this work, which was headed by John Dick and his group in Toronto, Canada.


10/2016: We congratulate all for the accepted presentations at this year’s ASH meeting. The institute will present 6 abstracts, among them 3 talks. 


09/2016: We say goodbye to our technician Anna Kechter – with her we are losing a long-standing and valuable colleague. We wish her all the best for the future!


06/2016: Congratulations to Naidu Vegi, for his works about AML-ETO positive leukemia, which has been accepted for publication in ‘Cell Reports’.


05/2016: Second funding period of the SFB 1074 has been granted – our institute is involved with three subprojects.


04/2016: We welcome our new team member Juliane Brocke! She will support our team ‘clinical studies’.


04/2016: new ESMO Guidelines about acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) published.


03/2016: We wish Monja Claus a good start at our institute – she will support the office.


03/2016: Congratulations to Deidre Daria and Nicole Kirsten for publication of their work about “Defining the role of G-coupled protein receptor GPR56 in AML” in ‘Leukemia’.


09/2015: new ESMO Guidelines about CLL published.

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