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The New Life Science Building (Oberer Eselsberg)

Institute of Experimental Cancer Research
University Hospital Ulm
89081 Ulm / Germany

Tel: +49-731-500 65-801

Fax: +49-731-500 65-802


The New Life Science Building (N27) is a building with extraordinary architecture. The  fassade is being made of glass and easy to recognize.

By Bus: Line 5 until bus stopp "Botanischer Garten". The New Life Science building (N27) is just about 60m away from the bus stopp and within sight distance.

By Car: Depending from which side you are approaching, you turn left of right from Berliner Ring to Albert-Einstein-Allee (direction "Universitätskliniken"). After about a 100m you turn left once more (direction "Blutspendezentrum"). Our building lies on the right hand side after about 200m. Be aware that the parking situation is very limited all around the University and the clinics.


Our institute is located on the 1st floor of the building. If you take one of the left-hand side laboratory floors, you enter our office area (rooms no. 3.077 - 3.083) and with close connection the laboratories.







Jennifer Kelp


Tel.: +49731/500 65888

Fax.: +49731/500 65822







Monja Claus


Tel.: +49731/500 65801

Fax: +49731/500 65822

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