AG Experimental Cardiovascular MRI

Our groups is active in the research and development of dedicated techniques for in vivo MRI imaging and spectroscopy and their application to biomedical translational research including preclinical and clinical evaluation. In close collaboration with different partners within the University and the University Medical Center, tailored imaging and spectroscopy solutions are developed for a variety of preclinical and clinical applications. Activities range from basic MR technologies to application-specific optimization of the basic techniques for routine clinical evaluation. For multi-modal imaging purposes, close collaboration with the Departments of Nuclear Medicine and Radiology is established.


Besides high-end whole-body 1.5T and 3T MR imaging systems the group although runs the Core Facility Small Animal Imaging of the Medical Faculty of Ulm University. Here, a dedicated small animal 11.7T ultra highfield MR and a µCT system are operated. 

1.5T Cardiac MRI
3T Cardiac MRI
11.7T Small Animal MRI/S



Prof. Volker Rasche

+49 (731) 500 45014


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