CONNECT2017 Registration Fees

(until 31st January 2017)

Normal Price

(from 1st February 2017)

Scientific Congress Entrance Fee

(for 17th/18th March 2017)

Standard/Clinicians (-10% for FRS Members)
Therapists (-10% for FRS Members)
+ 10€ Organization/Transaction Fee
+ Workshop Entrance Fees

Full Day Workshops

  • Thursday, 16th March 2017 - Thomas Myers | Anatomy Trains
  • Sunday, 19th March 2017 - Eyal Lederman | The Training Conditions for Connective Tissue Adaptation

Half Day Workshops

    16th March 2017
    • Wolfgang Bauermeister | Ultrasound-Elastography: Assessment of the Elastic Properties of Fascia and Muscle in Sports Injuries with Prolonged Pain and Dysfunction
    • Robert Heiduk | Blood Flow Moderation Training in Rehabilitation and Recovery
    • Wilbour Kelsick | Teach me to Run: The Running Posture & Technique Workshop
    • Divo Müller | A specific Connective Tissue Training for Lumbodorsial Fascia
    • Freddy Sichting | Measuring Stiffness Properties of Connective Tissue in vivo
    • Antonio Stecco | Fascial Manipulation®
    • Schumann U, Zügel M, Schneider M, Steinacker JM | Molecular Diagnostics of Muscle & Systemic Inflammation in Sports Medicine

    19th March 2017

    • Sue Falsone: Vacuum Therapy (Cupping) - Considerations for Orthopedic & Sports Clinicians
    • Christopher Gordon | Interdisciplinary Fascia-Self-Therapy (IFT®)
      with the Fascia ReleaZer®
    • Sue Hitzmann | Sports Medicine and the MELT Method®
    • Marie José-Blom | Teach and Treat Access to the Inner Works of Fitness - Liberate Connective Tissue for Performance Enhancement
    • PJ O‘Clair & Meredith Stevens | Mindfulness, Interoception and the Relevance to Sports Performance
    • Christian Stein | Tensegrity Concept – Complex Regional Pain Management
    • Jan Wilke | Self-myofascial Release: Treatment of Connective Tissue with Foam Rollers and other Handheld Tools
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