Sponsored Workshop of Christian Stein

Fascial Fast Track Pain Treatment -
Tensegrity Concept (TC)

The seminar introduces a simple but effective approach to mechanical myofascial pain syndromes. Participants are introduced to the tensegrity system. Theoretical basis from cell to macroscopic myofascial system will be shown. Furthermore new theories about the interplay of 6 different systems (mechanical, metabolical, hormonal, psychological, neurological, immunological) and their influence on the myofascial systems will be presented. Afterwards theoretical background is transferred to a manual approach.
The participants will learn a theoretical and practical application to different myofascial painful disorders. An approach for the treatment of various low back pain conditions is discussed. An approach to neck and shoulder disorders will be shown and can be practiced.
Dr. Stein uses the Tensegrity Concept to treat professional sportsmen and sports related injuries. The Tensegrity Concept is focused on myofascial disorders. The approach offers new directions in diagnosis and treatment of  myofascial pain syndromes. It is designed to recover myofascial disorders as fast as possible.

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