Oktober 2018:

Congrats to Dr. Ameera Alsadeq et al. for publishing in Blood "IL7R is associated with CNS infiltration and relapse in pediatric B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia"


September 2018:

Invited speaker: Dr. Dimitar Efremov (International Center for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology, Trieste, Italy) 
"B cell receptor and associated pathways in CLL: implications for biology and treatment"

Congrats to Dr. Eva Gentner et al. on the acceptance of their abstract at the upcoming 60th ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition (December 2018) in San Diego, CA.


July 2018:

Congrats to Corinna Setz et al. for publishing in Cell Reports "PI3K-Mediated Blimp-1 Activation Controls B Cell Selection and Homeostasis"


January 2018:

Congrats to Hend Abdelrasoul et al. for publishing in Scientific Reports "PI3K induces B-cell development and regulates B cell identity"