Tailor-Made Support for Families - Early Help and Needs of Families with Infants and Toddlers


Early Help, Child Protection, Network Frühe Hilfen, Prevention

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Project Term

10/2016 bis 06/2018

Background & Aim of the Project

The aim of the project is to analyze, as an example and in cooperation with two model sites in Baden-Württemberg, to what extent young families with infants and toddlers receive ap-propriate and individual tailor-made support and care from the respective local interdiscipli-nary network Frühe Hilfen (early help).
Local network structures are an important prerequisite for functioning early help institutions. They have been increasingly established and expanded in recent years. The Nationale Zentrum Frühe Hilfen (national center for early help) provides scientific support for this de-velopment process. The question of whether good multi-professional cooperation and net-work structures have an impact on adequate and tailor-made support and care for young families has, however, not been systematically investigated to date. Yet, this is a central qual-ity feature of early help. The good and differentiated interdisciplinary network structures in Baden-Württemberg offer best conditions for investigating this question.

Description of the Project

In order to achieve the project goal, it is planned, as an example and in cooperation with two municipalities in Baden-Württemberg (model sites), to accompany young families with in-fants and small children over a period of approx. 6-9 months to record their need for early help and to document the offer they receive. This is done with the participation of parents or by taking into account their perspective on the quality of the support they receive. At the same time, in-depth interviews are used to obtain assessments from the early help staff and a questionnaire survey with central network stakeholders is used to analyze the local net-work. The aim is to bring together the perspective of young parents as well as the view of early help professionals, so that proposals for the further development of early help networks can be prepared.

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