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an Online-Course for Professionals to optimize the Health Care Service for Young Peo-ple with Mental Illness in Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood





Adolescence, Transition, Young Adulthood, E-Learning, E-Mental-Health

Project Management

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    Prof. Dr. med. Jörg M. Fegert

    Ärztlicher Direktor der Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie/Psychotherapie

Cooperation Partner

Prof. Dr. Harald Baumeister, Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, University of Ulm:

Online-Training: Development and Evaluation of an Application for Young Adolescents in Transition from Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/ Psychotherapy to Adult Psychiatry

Project Term

01.07.2020 – 31.03.2022

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Background & Aim of the Project

The transition from adolescence to adulthood is a major development challenge for everyone. Additionally, it is a vulnerable phase for the development and chronification of mental illnesses. The clinical care delivery system often neglects relevant aspects of the transition phase. Thus, the psychiatry planning of Baden-Württemberg urgently considers the implementation of an equivalent care delivery in the child and adolescent psychiatry/ psychotherapy and general adult psychiatry.

The project is part of the cooperation project “ProTransition: digital assisted optimisation of the care delivery for young adults with mental illnesses in the transition from adolescence to adulthood”. Part of the project is also the development of an online-training (application) for young people in the transition from child and adolescent psychiatry/ psychotherapy to general adult psychiatry.

The online-course addresses health care professionals. It should convey expertise and practical implementation regarding transition psychiatry and the implementation of equivalent care delivery systems. As transition psychiatry is facing great difficulties and challenges, professionals should be adequately educated and consistent standards and a common language should be developed.

Description of the Project

We are currently developing content and materials for the online-course. Furthermore, the technical infrastructure is in process. A participation for health care professionals is expected from May 2021.

The accompanying research will point out the status quo and the course-related increasing knowledge of health care professionals regarding transition psychiatry and the participant satisfaction, as well.

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