How long will it take to process my application?

In general a treatment enquiry will be processed within one week. This presupposes that, all required medical documents are available and informative.
However, it is possible due to high capacity utilisation a response to an enquiry may take longer than expected.

How much does a medical treatment cost?

All our enquiries are estimated individually according to the patient's clinical picture.
Our calculations are all based on the German DRG-System.

What are the Terms of Payment?

After receiving our advance invoice please transfer the full amount to one of the bank accounts stated. As soon as we have received the payment we will be able to fix an admission date. 

What are "Optional Benefits"?

These benefits are services which you can additionally obtain to general hospital services.
These services are as follows:

  • single bedroom
  • twin bedroom with another patient

  • admission of one accompanying person

  • medical treatment by head physician

Please note, these services cause additional fees.

What does it mean being treated by a head physician?

Receiving treatment by a head physician means you will be entitled to obtain the full personal attentiveness of the responsible head physician. Please note this optional benefit refers to all head physicians who will be involved in your medical treatment during your stay. For example, if you are going to be operated you will not only receive the full attentiveness of the head physician of the surgery, but also of radiology, anesthesia and laboratory medicine.

After my medical treatment how long will it take until I receive my final invoice?

Depending on how many clinics have been involved in your treatment your final invoice is established approx. 4 - 8 weeks after medical treatment.
Of course, any overpayment will be refunded.
Please note if the final invoice is higher than the advanced payment you are requested to pay the difference immediately.

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