Ulm, the place to be

Ulm is situated on the banks of the river Danube in Baden-Wurttemberg. Just across the Danube is the counterpart to Ulm "New-Ulm" in the federal state of Bavaria. Due to this wonderful siting: Lake Constance and the Alps are within a 1.5 hours driving distance and the immediate proximity to the Swabian Alb Ulm is the ideal getaway to relax. 

Ulm ist internationally well known for its cathedral with the highest steeple worldwide. Those who possess high stamina will have the chance to look upon Ulm and surroundings from 161,53 metres height. Just around the corner of the Ulmer Münster you can also visit the secret star of Ulm in the Ulmer Museum: only 39 cm high, a 32,000 year old lion-headed figurine, the oldest known manmade art sculpture in the world. The Ulmer Museum also enables you a cultural insight of historical past of Ulm as well as of its two most famous citizens: Albert Einstein and Sophie Scholl.

Discover the old town with its romantic narrow alleys, squares and half-timbered houses which have retained its character of a small fishing village. Enjoy this lovely atmosphere by having a stroll along the Blau, a tributary of the Danube, and have a short break in one of the numerous cafes on your way.

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