Prof. Dr. Jan Münch, Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Jan Münch completed his studies on Biology at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen in 1998 with a Diploma degree. Between 1998 and 2002 he carried out his PhD in the group of Frank Kirchhoff in Erlangen entitled “Role of Nef mediated downregulation of MHC class I and CD4 for replication and pathogenesis of primate lentiviruses”. In 2002 he joined the Institute of Virology in Ulm where he was appointed as Juniorprofessor in 2004. In 2010 he was appointed as W3 professor at the Institute of Molecular Virology.


Awards and Prizes


2001Fellow Travel Grant Award (8th Conference on Retrovirus and Opportunistic Infections, Chicago) durch Foundation for Retrovirology and Human Health,DuPont Pharmaceuticals and Hoffmann-LaRoche
2002Kooperationspreis Wirtschaft-Wissenschaft der Universität Ulm für die erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit IFP Pharmaceuticals GmbH (Hannover)
2003Deutscher AIDS Preis der Deutschen AIDS Gesellschaft e.V
2004Eliteförderstipendium Landesstiftung Baden Württemberg
2005 Best of Ehrung für die Lehrveranstaltung POL Virologie (Pflichtveranstaltung 1. Klin. Abschnitt Humanmedizin) seitens der Medizinischen Fakultät Ulm
2005Novartis Preis für Therapeutische Forschung
2006Best of Ehrung für die Lehrveranstaltung POL Virologie (Pflichtveranstaltung 1. Klin. Abschnitt Humanmedizin) seitens der medizinischen Fakultät Ulm
2006Postdoktoranden Preis der Robert Koch Stiftung
2007Innovationspreis der Deutschen Hochschulmedizin
2007Merckle Forschungspreis
2008Dr. Ernst-Wiethoff Preis für innovative Forschung
2009Loeffler-Frosch Preis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Virologie

Deutscher AIDS Preis der Deutschen AIDS Gesellschaft e.V


Dr. Christina Stürzel,

Tel:+49(0) 731 500 65164

Christina M. Stürzel studied Bachelor of Science in Biology and Master of Science in Molecular Biomedicine in Münster. During her Master Thesis in the group of Prof. Beate Kehrel, Department of experimental hemostaseology, University Hospital Münster, she analyzed the formation of microparticles of blood and endothelial cells via FACS and fluorescence microscopy. She received the certification of occupational safety in laboratory and the certificate of laboratory animal science during her academic studies. She is currently characterizing the correlation of fibril morphology and HIV infectivity enhancement by different PAP fragments in the group of Prof. Jan Münch and the influence of different HIV-1 accessory proteins on SAMHD1 degradation in the group of Prof. Frank Kirchhoff. 

Mirja Harms, PhD student. 

Tel: +49 (0)731 50065170

Janis joined our lab in December 2016.

Janis Müller, PhD student. 

Tel: +49 (0)731 50065170

Janis joined our lab in October 2012. 

Sascha Rode, PhD student

Tel: +49 (0)731 50065170

Sascha joined our lab in May 2014. 

Annika Röcker, PhD student. 

Tel: +49 (0)731 50065164

Annika joined our lab in April 2015.

Nathallie Sandi-Monroy, PhD student. 

Tel: +49 (0)731 50065159

Nathallie joined our lab in April 2013.

Franziska Schandock, PhD student. 

Tel: +49 (0)731 50065170

Franziska joined our lab in September 2015

Daniela Krnavek, Medical technical assistant

Tel: +49 (0)731 50065160

Daniela joined our lab in March 2005.




Ms. Ingrid Wirth (am)

Tel +49731 50065151

Fax +49731 50065153

Ms. Kristina Wohllaib (pm)

Tel +49731 50065152

Fax +49731 50065153


Institute of Molecular Virology

Ulm University Hospital

Meyerhofstr. 1

89081, Ulm




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