Viral Vector Core Facility

In 2018 we started to set up the Viral Vector Core Facility at the Department of Gene Therapy. Meanwhile we have the infrastructure and know-how (standard operation procedures) to provide adeno-, adeno-associated and lentiviral vector preparations in high quality. Our portfolio comprises all classical assays for the characterization of those vector types and we are continuously extending our spectrum of methods. Apart from providing custom vector production, we also offer consulting, training, lab space (S1/S2) and contract research. Besides being a service provider we are always open for cooperations and aim to advance viral vector technologies across all steps of the process chain. With our platform we want to connect academia and industry because we believe in mutual benefit and joint growth in the field of gene therapy.

If you have any questions or are interested to learn more about us, please contact

Dr. Astrid Kritzinger, 0731 500 46118, astrid.kritzinger[a]