Section Head

Prof. Dr. Christian Beltinger
Professor of Pediatrics / Pediatric Research

Ulm University Medical Center
Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Eythstr. 24 (Research Lab, House 16)
89075 Ulm, Germany

phone: +49-731-500 57032
fax: +49-731-500 57042


Research Profile

We concentrate on two research areas. In our focus “Molecular pathogenesis and diagnosis of neuroblastoma” we investigate the interaction of oncogenes with tumor suppressors in the genesis of neuroblastoma and we explore the feasibility of liquid biopsy in neuroblastoma patients. In our second focus “Experimental therapy of neuroblastoma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia” we develop novel preclinical strategies utilizing small molecules or oncolytic viruses against neuroblastoma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Neuroblastoma is the most common extracranial solid tumor in childhood. The aggressiveness of neuroblastoma is determined by tumor-promoting and tumor-suppres¬sive mechanisms that are inactivated or activated, respectively. We therefore investigate the interaction of oncogenes such as MYCN, BIRC5 and LDHA/B with dysfunctional tumor suppressors in the genesis, progression and aerobic glycolysis (Warburg effect) of neuroblastoma. To this end, we use cellular and molecular biology methods, transgenic and xenotransplant mouse models, and bioinformatic tools. We are translating the results of this preclinical work into establishing prognostic markers and liquid biopsy for neuroblastoma patients.

Specificity and efficacy are major challenges in targeted tumor therapy. We develop novel approaches to address these challenges in neuroblastoma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia. To this end, we investigate small molecules that intervene specifically in signaling pathways crucial for neuroblastoma. In addition, we explore oncolytic measles virus against ALL. Our aim is to translate these novel preclinical therapies to the patient with neuroblastoma or ALL.

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