Patients of all nationalities are welcome at the Ulm University Medical Center. When receiving medical treatment in a foreign country there are a lot of different questions which need to be answered. The mission of the International Patient Office is to assist you all the way through the complete process by providing you with support and advice.


Our medical services in diagnostics and treatment combine health services with research and teaching. This enables a quick access to state-of-the-art scientific knowledge for diagnostics and therapy. On a daily basis our clinical and scientific experts strive to gain a better understanding of human diseases and to discover more effective treatments for our patients.

Based on this comprehensive approach to health care, medical treatment at the Ulm University Medical Center provides a profound supply in all medical disciplines. By combining all expertise of our departments we are able to find the best therapy for every individual disease. In our clinics and special treatment centres highly qualified physicians and nursing staff treat patients with dedicated care.

Annually approx. 50.000 patients receive inpatient treatment at the University Hospital of Ulm. Additionally, we see approx. 300.000 outpatient cases per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to make a treatment enquiry, please send us all relevant information to the following email address:

For a  precise assessment of the treatment options, current (not older than 3 months) letters, findings, laboratory values, X-rays, CT and MRI images are required. The documents should be written in German or English. Large image files may need to be sent on a CD or another data carrier by post to the following address:

Universitätsklinikum Ulm
Klinikumsverwaltung B III 1b Erlösmanagement
International Patient Office
Albert-Einstein-Allee 29
89081 Ulm

As soon as we have received all relevant information, your enquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate specialist department in our hospital and we will inform you as soon as we have received feedback.


Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a return of documents sent by post. We therefore ask you not to send any original documents by post, but only copies.

You will find your contact person below under contacts.

In general a treatment enquiry will be processed within one week. This requires that all medical documents are available and informative. However, it is possible due to capacity reasons a response to an enquiry may take longer than expected.

Unfortunately, we cannot arrange participation in studies. If you still want to take part in a study, please approach the contact person of the respective study center.

All our enquiries are estimated individually according to the patient's clinical picture.

For this assessment it is necessary that we receive comprehensive medical documents from you in order to create a realistic price calculation. Our calculations for inpatient treatments are based on the German DRG system.

Please note that treatments may not be limited to an advance invoice. If further treatments are necessary, you will receive an additional advance invoice.


After receiving our advance invoice please transfer the full amount to the bank account stated on the invoice. As soon as we have received the payment we will be able to fix an admission date.

Optional benefits are services which you can additionally obtain to our general hospital services. These services include the following:

  • single bedroom
  • twin bedroom with another patient
  • admission of one accompanying person
  • medical treatment by head physician

Please note that these services cause additional fees.

Receiving treatment by a head physician means you will be entitled to obtain the full personal attention of the responsible head physician. Please note that this service refers to all head physicians who will be involved in your medical treatment during your stay. For example, if you are going to be operated you will not only receive the full attention of the head physician of the surgery, but also of radiology, anesthesia and laboratory medicine.

A cost estimate for inpatient treatment includes the following components:
General hospital services are invoiced via the aDRG base rate (Diagnoses Related Groups) and the medical care revenue, as well as additional fees and surcharges. For the calculation of the DRG, we use the current national base rate and for the calculation of the medical care revenue the current base rate is multiplied with an individual weight factor as well as the days of treatment.

The amount must always be paid before treatment. For the transfer, please use the bank details specified on the advance invoice using the purpose stated on the advance invoice.

All fees incurred during payment (e.g. fees from payment by credit card or bank transfer) will be charged to the patient or sponsor.

Depending on how many clinics have been involved in your treatment your final invoice is established approx. 8 - 12 weeks after medical treatment. Of course, any overpayment will be refunded. Please note if the final invoice is higher than the advanced payment you are requested to pay the difference immediately. For a possible refund we need you bank information (IBAN and BIC or SWIFT). Please leave this information at the patient admission after your arrival or contact us in this matter.



Medical treatment is possible with an S2 form or an EHIC (in case of emergency).

You can apply for a declaration of assumption of costs, a so-called S2 form, from your statutory health insurance provider before a planned treatment. For services, which are part of the statutory scope of services in your home country but not in Germany, you have to bear the costs yourself.

1. Request the S2 form (formerly E112) from your health insurance provider in your home country. The following should always be noted:

  • Medical indication in German / English
  • The planned therapy procedure in German / English, if known
  • The treating hospital: Ulm University Medical Center
  • The period of validity

2. Send a copy of the form to a German health insurance company of your choice. After checking and approving the submitted form, you will receive a certificate with an insurance number from the German health insurance company.

3. Please send us a copy of the S2 form and the certificate by email in advance.

4. On the first day of treatment, please bring the originals (S2 form and certificate from the German insurance ) with you to the patient admission. We will then settle your treatment directly with the health insurance company.

Please note: According to the statutory provisions of German social security law, insured persons have to pay a personal contribution of 10 euros for each calendar day in the hospital, up to a maximum of 28 inpatient treatment days, in accordance with § 39 Abs. 4 SGB V.

If you need medical treatment due to an emergency, the costs are covered by presenting your valid EHIC, which you will receive from your statutory health insurance. It is not a substitute for travel insurance, so no private health care or return transport to your home country will be provided.


The Ulm University Medical Center cooperates with several embassies and insurances. If you are interested in medical treatment that is paid for by an embassy or insurance company, please contact us. 

If the assumption of costs covers all services already performed and the planned treatments and thus there are no open items, the advance payment can be transferred back to you. In this case please contact to arrange the refund.

In the event that you do not have sufficient language skills, it is advisable to consult an interpreter. For planned stays, you are encouraged to organize an interpreter yourself if necessary. In the event of an emergency, many of our multilingual employees are involved in a voluntary interpreting service at the Ulm University Medical Center.

Interpreter and intermediary fees cannot be covered by the Ulm University Medical Center.

The Ulm University Medical Center attaches great importance to the protection of your personal and medical data. Our employees are obliged to comply with strict data protection guidelines.

All options for accommodation can be found in our offer for optional benefits.

You can find more information here.

Ulm and surroundings

Ulm is situated on the banks of the river Danube in Baden-Wurttemberg. Just across the Danube is the counterpart to Ulm "New-Ulm" in the federal state of Bavaria. Due to this wonderful siting: Lake Constance and the Alps are within a 1.5 hours driving distance and the immediate proximity to the Swabian Alb Ulm is the ideal getaway to relax.

Ulm ist internationally well known for its cathedral with the highest steeple worldwide. Those who possess high stamina will have the chance to look upon Ulm and surroundings from 161,53 metres height. Just around the corner of the Ulmer Münster you can also visit the secret star of Ulm in the Ulmer Museum: only 39 cm high, a 32,000 year old lion-headed figurine, the oldest known manmade art sculpture in the world. The Ulmer Museum also enables you a cultural insight of historical past of Ulm as well as of its two most famous citizens: Albert Einstein and Sophie Scholl.

Discover the old town with its romantic narrow alleys, squares and half-timbered houses which have retained its character of a small fishing village. Enjoy this lovely atmosphere by having a stroll along the Blau, a tributary of the Danube, and have a short break in one of the numerous cafes on your way.

Learn mor about Ulm: Ulm.de




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