Publikationen Prof. Dr. Reinhold Schirmbeck

Tumor Immunology:

1.         Stifter, K., Dekhtiarenko, I., Krieger, J., Tissot, A. C., Seufferlein, T., Wagner, M., and Schirmbeck, R. (2020) A tumor-specific neoepitope expressed in homologous/self or heterologous/viral antigens induced comparable effector CD8(+) T-cell responses by DNA vaccination. Vaccine

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Type 1 diabetes:

4.         Spyrantis, A., Krieger, J., Stifter, K., Boehm, B. O., and Schirmbeck, R. (2020) A dominant insulin-specific and islet-destructive T-cell response is sufficient to activate CD8 T cells directed against the fatty-acid receptor GPR40. Cell Mol Immunol17, 659-661

5.         Stifter, K., Schuster, C., Krieger, J., Spyrantis, A., Boehm, B. O., and Schirmbeck, R. (2019) Preproinsulin Designer Antigens Excluded from Endoplasmic Reticulum Suppressed Diabetes Development in NOD Mice by DNA Vaccination. Mol Ther Methods Clin Dev12, 123-133

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Aging immune system:

7.         Leins, H., Mulaw, M., Eiwen, K., Sakk, V., Liang, Y., Denkinger, M., Geiger, H., and Schirmbeck, R. (2018) Aged murine hematopoietic stem cells drive aging-associated immune remodeling. Blood132, 565-576

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Heterogeneity and Evolution in Solid Tumours (HEIST); Dr. André Lechel:

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