April 2024:

Successful habilitation: PD Dr. rer. nat. Rebecca Halbgebauer

The ITI warmly congratulates Rebecca Halbgebauer on the successful habilitation in the field of experimental trauma-immunology.


April 2024:

Successful doctoral defense: Marco Mannes

PhD candidate Marco Mannes successfully defended his cumulative thesis on the topic "Lessons from and for complement therapeutics: Novel mechanistic insights into terminal pathway activation and its linkage to thrombosis". Congratulations!

February 2024:

Successful doctoral defense: Lisa Wohlgemuth

The ITI warmly congratulates Lisa Wohlgemuth on the successful defense of her cumulative dissertation with the title "Flow cytometry-based monitoring of the multimodal response kinetic of human neutrophils during inflammation".


November 2023:

Presentation of the ITI at the 11th Ilse Schulz Forum

Within the biannual Ilse Schulz Forum at Ulm University Medical Center, Prof. Markus Huber-Lang and Dr. Rebecca Halbgebauer introduced the institute to interested parties within and outside the hospital. The presentation mainly focused on the people working at the institute as well as on current challenges in trauma research.


October 2023:

Science Day finalist: Marco Mannes

Marco Mannes participated at the 3rd Young researchers‘ Science Day organized by the young academics organization ProTrainU. His written application was selected as one of the six best applications that permitted him to present the research proposal to the university public. With his project, Mr. Mannes aims to reduce long-term immunological responses caused by periodic connections to extracoporal blood circuits. The proposal and presentation were awarded with a 1800 € mobility grant. Congratulations!

October 2023:

Wilhelm Roux Award for Michael Steinberger

The ITI proudly announces that Michael Steinberger, medical student in the research group MODS (supervised by Dr. Rebecca Halbgebauer), was awarded the Wilhelm Roux award at the annual German Congress of Orthopaedics and Traumatology (DKOU) in Berlin. He was able to convince an expert jury with his talk on the "Influence of Therapeutic Complement Blockade on Acute Kidney Injury Following Hemolytic Transfusion Reaction" in a competitive session featuring the best abstracts in basic research. Congratulations!!


September 2023:

ENIAC award for Dr. Rebecca Halbgebauer

In this year's meeting of the European Shock Society in Vienna, Dr. Rebecca Halbgebauer won the first prize in the prestigious European New Investigator Award Competition (ENIAC) with her presentation "Modelling trauma-related acute kidney injury (TRAKI) reveals a highly complex temporo-spatial pathophysiological response". The ENIAC represents the meeting's central event to feature the best works of junior scientists. Our warmest congratulations for this great success!

July 2023:

The ITI on tour in the Lauter valley during our summer event.

24th June 2023:

Prof. Huber-Lang is elected in Peking, China, as World-President-elect of the International Federation of Shock Societies (IFSS). He will organize the worldwide IFSS-Congress in Europe in 2029. 

June 2023:

Prospitalia award for Prof. Dr. Markus Huber-Lang

The Prospitalia award 2023 was presented to Prof. Huber-Lang for his achievements within the study course MBA in Leadership and Management in Healthcare at the International Business School, University of Applied Sciences (HNU), Neu-​Ulm, Germany. He focused his master's thesis on "The long-term effects of Covid-19 on perioperative process indicators in a university hospital". Together with colleagues of the HNU, he will pursue answering trauma-economic topics at the ITI.

May 2023: The ITI visiting the future laboratory sites in the new MTW building

Dr. rer. nat. Rebecca Halbgebauer has been awarded a stipend for her project "From single-cell to whole-organ analysis - expression- and structural basics of posttraumatic kidney injury" by the Hertha-Nathorff program of Ulm University's medical faculty. We congratulate her for this success!

MSc Marco Mannes won a Travel Award at the 14th Aegean Conference on Complement Therapeutics in Rhodes for his presentation on "Complement-induced prothrombotic activation of platelets requires the lysis of cells".

In Bern at the EMCHD of the European Complement Society he also received the ECN Poster Presentation Award for his poster "Is the combined heterozygous genetic defect in C2 and C8B a reason for multifaceted immune imbalance?".

We warmly congratulate Mr Mannes on these great achievements!

Summer Event: Hiking Tour in Blaubeuren

At the German Congress of Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery, Ms Christina Rastner won a poster prize with her abstract "The role of the central complement factor C3 in renal damage after extrarenal trauma". We congratulate her most sincerely!


Mr Stefan Hug and Mr Stefan Bernhard were awarded the Student Award 2022 "Experimental Medicine" by the International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm. As part of their doctoral project in the Immunomonitoring group (supervisor: PD Dr. David Messerer), they researched the cell physiological properties of activated neutrophil granulocytes in connection with the inflammatory mediators PAF and IL8. In doing so, they characterised pharmacological intervention options and transferred the results to an animal-free experimental ex vivo whole blood model. Mr Hug and Mr Bernhard published their results in Frontiers in Immunology and the Journal of Innate Immunity, respectively. We congratulate them!


The medical doctoral students Mr Dominik Hüsken and Mr Pascal Lessing were awarded an abstract prize at the Surgical Research Days 2022. Their clinical-experimental investigations, in collaboration with the Clinic for Cardiac Surgery, shed light on novel aspects of perioperative cellular dysfunction of neutrophil granulocytes. Last author PD Dr. David Messerer, Institute Director Prof. Dr. Markus Huber-Lang and the entire team of the ITI warmly congratulate this success of young scientists.