Genetics and Epigenetics of Neurodegeneration

Our group focuses on the genetics, epigenetics and molecular mechanisms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) characterized by the progressive loss of motoneurons in motor cortex, brainstem and spinal cord. ALS is a highly heterogenous disease with multiple genetic and/or environmental causes.

In genetics, we use whole-exome-sequencing of ALS patients with a family history of the disease to identify novel genes and variants associated with the disease. Furthermore, we are interested in downstream effects of such genetic mutations and also in functional consequences of epigenetic alterations to better understand ALS pathogenesis. Recently, we started to focus on converging mechanisms that contribute to the disease independently of the underlying cause. Here, we aim to identify novel pathways and therapeutic targets that may provide a basis for the development of treatment options effective in all ALS patients.

In our work, we use various state-of-the-art techniques to decipher pathogenic mechanisms at the cellular and molecular level, and actively participate in several national and international collaborations. The generous contribution of ALS patients visiting the ALS outpatient clinic Ulm furthermore enables us to validate our in vitro findings in patient derived biomaterial.

Mitarbeiter der AG Molecular Genetic and Epigenetic of Neurodegeneration
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Dr. rer. nat Axel Freischmidt

Sarah Müller, M.Sc.

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Nadine Todt
Medizinisch-technische Assistentin

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