assoz. Prof. Roberto Viviani, PhD, MD

Senior Research Associate

Telefon: 0731 500-61543
Telefax: 0731 500-61542



Statistical analysis of neuroimaging data

Databases of MRI and DNA

Perfusion imaging

Emotion regulation and psychotherapy research (in collaboration with the Institute of Psychology of the University of Innsbruck (Anna Buchheim))

Pharmacology and neuroimaging (in collaboration with the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology of the University of Ulm)


Translational neuroimaging may require rethinking the way we analyse data and develop specific statistical approaches (as opposed to applying techniques developed to localize functional activations). It will be important to combine evidence from different modalities, taking into account problems from each; to be able to draw inference on individual differences between groups, and on single individuals, with respect to reference datasets; to identify regional effects, instead of the sparse, small activations of neuropsychological models. These questions call for innovation in the statistical analysis of neuroimaging data, such as more aggressive use of resampling techniques and of reference imaging databases, the identification of typical sources of variance in the population, and the further development of sophisticated multivariate approaches.

A digital atlas of brain vascular density is available here.

Further information on my research may be found on the Clinical Neuroimaging webpage.


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