GEBIN Conference 2023

On behalf of the Steering Committee of the German-Endocrine-Brain-Immune-Network (GEBIN) it is our great pleasure to invite you to the

15th GEBIN Conference (September 28th to 30th 2023)

and the

12th GEBIN Educational Short Course (September 27th and 28th, 2023)

 hosted by the Laboratory for Molecular Psychosomatics at Ulm University Medical Center.

Stefan Reber and Team, Head of the Laboratory for Molecular Psychosomatics, Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, Ulm University Medical Center, Ulm, Germany. 

Silvia Capellino and Harald Engler, on behalf of the GEBIN Steering Committee.

The 15th GEBIN Conference is supported by the Foundation "Immunität und Seele" and the SFB1149 at Ulm University.