Assessment of the quality of routine ambulatory health care for common disorders in children and adolescents


ADHD, conduct disorder, depressive disorders; oppositional defiant disorder; quality of health care; quality indicators

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Institute for Health Services Research and Clinical Epidemiology, Philipps-Universität Marburg (Head: Prof. Max Geraedts, MD, PhD)

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Background & Aim of the Project

In Germany, the majority of health care for children and adolescents is delivered in ambulatory settings. To date, data regarding the quality of health care for this patient group (i.e. doctor’s adherence to guidelines) is lacking. Yet, the quality of health care in childhood and adolescence is of key importance, in order to avoid chronification of health problems, or secondary health problems.
The QualiPäd research project aims to estimate the quality of outpatient health care for children in Germany with common psychiatric (ADHD, conduct disorder, depressive disorders, oppositional defiant disorder) or physical disorders (asthma, tonsillitis, otitis media, eczema).

Project Description

1,400 medical records of children and adolescents with one of the above-described disorders will be randomly drawn from 20 outpatient practices (general practitioners, paediatricians, child and adolescent psychiatrists, paediatric emergency departments).
The records will then be assessed regarding their adherence with quality indicators derived from current guideline recommendations for diagnosis and management. Based on this, the percentage of appropriate and inappropriate (e.g. wasteful) health care will be estimated. In
addition, doctors will be interviewed about barriers and facilitators of guideline adherence.
The findings of this research project will help to detect those clinical conditions, physician specialties, and patient groups, for which health care improvement is necessary, and will also contribute to identifying possible starting points to address.

Contact Address

Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian Bachmann

Klinik für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie/Psychotherapie
Universitätsklinikum Ulm
Steinhövelstraße 5
89075 Ulm


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Gemeinsamer Bundesausschuss – Innovationsausschuss