Method Development

Contact: Dr. Tobias Speidel & Fabian Bschorr, M. Sc.

Our research group has profound expertise in MR method development and image reconstruction. In close collaborations with different academic and industrial partners we develop customized imaging and spectroscopy solutions for a variety of preclinical and clinical applications.

Current method development projects comprise:

HYPERDIAMOND ("Molecular Imaging via Hyperpolarized Nanodiamonds") is a European collaborative research and innovation project led by a multi-disciplinary consortium coordinated by Ulm University.

The objective of HYPERDIAMOND is the development of two new molecular imaging technologies for MRI medical imaging enabling sensitive diagnosis and treatment monitoring based on novel quantum and nanotechnology.

HYPERDIAMOND is supported by the European Commission under the HORIZON 2020 European Union funding for Research and Innovation, Grant Agreement number 667192.


    • Realisation of a diamond-based hyperpolarization system operating at room temperature, achieving >1,000-fold increase of signal in MRI magnetic fields over an unpolarised probe.
    • Developing novel ND-probes as a targeted, multipurpose hyperpolarization platform measured using adapted MRI pulse sequences.
    • Evaluation of the new techniques in direct comparison with the current golden standards.


    • To enable new applications for MRI based on ultrashort echo time imaging
    • To investigate new techniques for ultrashort echo time imaging
    Imaging of Calcifications
    Imaging of teeth
    Lung Imaging


    • To develop methods for tracking of stem cells by MRI
    • To develop means for tracking of new multi-potential particles
    • To investigate the feasibility of new contrast agents
    Contrast Agent loaded Nanoparticles
    Iron Labelled MSCs
    19F-Loaded SiO2 particle