Experimental Cardiovascular Imaging (ExCaVI)

Our group is active in the research and development of dedicated techniques for in vivo magnetic resonance (MR) imaging and spectroscopy and their application to biomedical translational research including preclinical and clinical evaluation. In close collaboration with different partners within the University and the University Medical Center, tailored imaging and spectroscopy solutions are developed for a variety of preclinical and clinical applications. Activities range from basic MR technologies to application-specific optimization of the basic techniques for routine clinical evaluation. For multi-modal imaging purposes, close collaboration with the Departments of Nuclear Medicine and Radiology is established.

The group also runs the Core Facility Small Animal Imaging of the Medical Faculty of Ulm University and is part of the DFG funded Center for Translational Imaging MoMAN.

Profilbild von Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Volker Rasche

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Volker Rasche

Head of Workgroup


Cardiovascular MRI

Small Animal MRI

Method Development

Lung MRI

Image-Guided Interventions

Dental MRI

In ovo MRI


  • Profilbild von Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Volker Rasche

    Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Volker Rasche

    Head of Workgroup

  • Profilbild von Dr. rer. nat. Alireza Abaei

    Dr. rer. nat. Alireza Abaei


    MR Spectroscopy

    Small animal Imaging

  • Profilbild von Dr. biol. hum. Ina Vernikouskaya

    Dr. biol. hum. Ina Vernikouskaya


    Image-guided interventions

    MRI contrast media quantification

    Fluorine imaging

    Myocardial tissue quantification

  • Profilbild von Anke Balasch, M. Sc. (Physics)

    Anke Balasch, M. Sc. (Physics)


    MRI Lung

  • Profilbild von Dagmar Bertsche, M. Sc. CSE (Computational Science and Engineering)

    Dagmar Bertsche, M. Sc. CSE (Computational Science and Engineering)


    Image-Guided Interventions

  • Profilbild von Michael Eder, Dipl. Ing.

    Michael Eder, Dipl. Ing.


    Ultrashort TE MRI

    MR Instrumentation

  • Profilbild von Andreas Horneff, Dipl. Ing.

    Andreas Horneff, Dipl. Ing.


    Simulation and prototyping of multifunctional MR coils

  • Profilbild von Thomas Huefken, M. Sc. (Physics)

    Thomas Huefken, M. Sc. (Physics)


    Diffusion Imaging

  • Profilbild von Hao Li, Medical Doctorate Student

    Hao Li, Medical Doctorate Student


    CMR Cardiac Magnetic Resonance

  • Profilbild von Jessica Löffler, M. Sc. (Biology)

    Jessica Löffler, M. Sc. (Biology)




    Joint PhD work with the Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, Ulm

  • Profilbild von Patrick Metze, M. Sc. (Physics)

    Patrick Metze, M. Sc. (Physics)


    Myocardial Tissue Characterisation

    Functional 3D imaging

  • Profilbild von Tobias Speidel, M. Sc. (Physics)

    Tobias Speidel, M. Sc. (Physics)


    Imaging Concepts for hyperpolarized Nanodiamonds (Hyperdiamond)

    Sequence Development for hyperpolarized MRI

    Single-Point Imaging Methods


  • Profilbild von Kilian Stumpf, M. Sc. (Physics)

    Kilian Stumpf, M. Sc. (Physics)


    Metal Artefact Reduction

    Ultra Short TE

    Dental Imaging

    Joint PhD work with the Radiologie Dept., Ulm

  • Profilbild von Tobias Baumeister, Internship

    Tobias Baumeister, Internship

  • Profilbild von Nick Bielesch, B. Eng. (Medizintechnik)

    Nick Bielesch, B. Eng. (Medizintechnik)


    Microscopy Gradient design for MRI

  • Profilbild von Micha Bischoff

    Micha Bischoff

  • Profilbild von Rauf Boudenne

    Rauf Boudenne


    Examinations of acceleration methods for diffusion weighted imaging

  • Profilbild von Fabian Bschorr

    Fabian Bschorr


    IMCL/EMCL quantification in human muscle with nuclear magnetic resonance

  • Profilbild von Dominik Notz, B. Sc. (Wirtschaftsphysik)

    Dominik Notz, B. Sc. (Wirtschaftsphysik)


    Real time flow

  • Profilbild von Maiia Rybalko

    Maiia Rybalko


    In vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the brain

  • Profilbild von Florian Sommerfeld

    Florian Sommerfeld

  • Profilbild von Fabian Straubmüller, B. Sc. (Physics)

    Fabian Straubmüller, B. Sc. (Physics)


    Nonuniform self-gating methods in MRI

  • Profilbild von Dominik Zeck, B. Sc. (Physics)

    Dominik Zeck, B. Sc. (Physics)


    Burst Imaging (Phased Imaging Techniques)


Dr. rer. med. Axel Bornstedt
Dr. rer. nat. Said Bouijraf
Dr. biol. hum. Jan Paul

Master / Diplom & Bachelor students

M. Sc. Diana Adam
M. Sc. Jannik Arbogast
M. Sc. Christoph Baldauf
M. Sc. Moritz Eberl
M. Sc. Harald Frey
M. Sc. Anja Kleemann
M. Sc. Claudia Lumpp
M. Sc. Mostafa Okasha
M. Sc. Alexander Storm
Dipl. Phys. Christine Köhnlein
Dipl. Phys. Miriam Kuhbach
B. Sc. Christoph Blank
B. Sc. Anna-Lena Bracher
B. Sc. Markus Jakob
B. Sc. Margareta Metzner
B. Sc. Sina Phister
B. Sc. Lukas Staiger
B. Sc. Martin Tschechne
B. Sc. Andreas Wager
B. Sc. Johannes Ziegler

PhD students

Dr. biol. hum. Anna-Katinka Bracher
Dr. biol. hum. Uwe Jandt
Dr. rer. nat. Anja Müller-Lutz
Dr. biol. hum. Sonu Sharma
Dr. biol. hum. Marta Tibiletti
Dr. biol. hum. Stefan Wundrak

MD students

Dr. med. Raphael Beck
Dr. med. dent. Christian Hofmann
Dr. med. Robert Kohlschmitt
Dr. med. dent. Michael Mess
Yangyang Qu
Dr. med. dent. Elena Sophia Schreiber
Dr. med. Gerlinde Schmidtke-Schrezenmeier
Dr. med. Jian Zhu
Dr. med. Zho Zui


Anne Subgang



Within the Cardiovascular MRI group, two whole-body MRI systems operating at

  • 1.5T Philips Achieva, R5.1.7, 32 receive channels
  • 3.0T Philips Achieva, R5.1.7, 32 receive channels

are available for clinical and methodological research. Both systems are fully equipped with high-performance gradient systems, dedicated cardiovascular imaging software and state-of-the-art receive coils relevant for cardiovascular imaging such as dedicated cardiac and carotid phased array coils.

A Research collaboration with Philips Medical Systems and Philips Research Europe is well established ensuring access to latest MRI technology and pulse programming software enabling the adaptation of the scanner SW to individual demands.

A dedicated small animal high-field MRI system (BioSpec 117/16, Bruker Biospin) equipped with an 8-channel receive system and prepared for 1H, 13C, 19F, 23Na, and 31P imaging and spectroscopy is available at the Core Facility Small Animal Imaging.

A dedicated high-resolution small animal CT system (GE eXplore) can be applied for in-vivo and in-vitro structural analysis. Spatial resolution limits are 28³µm³.



Trainee Educational Stipend ISMRM 2020 (A. Balasch, T. Huefken, P. Metze, T. Speidel, K. Stumpf)


Trainee Educational Stipend ISMRM 2019 (P. Metze, T. Speidel)

Hertha-Nathorff-Programm (HNP) der Medizinischen Fakultät (A. Balasch, I. Vernikouskaya)


Trainee Educational Stipend ISMRM 2017 (A. Abaei)


Magna Cum Laude Poster ISMRM 2016 (M. Tibiletti, #2912, #2921)

Trainee Educational Stipend ISMRM 2016 (A. Abaei, J. Paul, M. Tibiletti, Z. Zuo)

National Award for Outstanding Self-financed Chinese Students Abroad (Z. Zuo)


Hertha-Nathorff-Programm (HNP) der Medizinischen Fakultät (I. Vernikouskaya)

Magna Cum Laude Poster ISMRM 2015 (S. Wundrak, #3638)

Trainee Educational Stipend ISMRM 2015 (J. Paul, M. Tibiletti, I. Vernikouskaya)

Georg-Schmorl-Award 2015 (H.-J. Wilke, A.Kienle, S. Maile, V.Rasche, N. Berger-Roscher)

Poster Award 2015 "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie" (H.-J. Wilke, A.Kienle, S. Maile, V.Rasche, N. Berger-Roscher)


Award of the University of Ulm for collaboration between academics and industry (V. Rasche)


Award of the University of Ulm for outstanding education (V. Rasche)


Optimization and characterization of a biplanar gradient system for microscopic MR-imaging at 11.7T
Lukas Staiger, Bachelor Thesis

Real-time cardiac MRI at 11.7T
Margareta Metzner, Bachelor Thesis

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) Applied to Respiratory Motion Detection in Fluoroscopic Frames
Christoph Baldauf, Master Thesis


Real-time MRI of speaking: an approach on off-resonance correction
Markus Jakob, Bachelor Thesis

Implementation of gradient Impulse Response Measurement on a 3T MRI scanner for Gradient System Characterization
Anja Kleemann, Master Thesis

Real-time MRI for Cardiovascular Applications
Claudia Lumpp, Master Thesis

Development and characterization of a microscopy insert for high-field MR systems
Thomas Hüfken, Master Thesis


Cardiovascular Tissue Characterization with MRI
Patrick Metze, Master Thesis

Model-based iterative Reconstruction for Diffusion Quantification
Jannik Arbogast, Master Thesis

Anatomical and functional lung imaging with MRI
Marta Tibiletti, Dissertation

Darstellung apikaler Parodontitis vergleichend in der Magnetresonanztomographie und in der digitalen Volumentomographie
Elena Sophia Schreiber, Dissertation


Advanced SPI Methods for MR Imaging of ultrashort T2(*) Relaxation Time Spin Systems
Tobias Speidel, Master Thesis

Tiny Golden Angles and Nonuniform Self-Gating: MRI of Nonunigorm Motion
Stefan Wundrak, Dissertation

Analysis of velocity based motion parameters in volunteers and patients with left ventriculur dyssynchrony and myocardial infarction using magnetic resonance imaging
Raphael Beck, Dissertation

Dental MRI for Identification and Quantification of Initial Caries Lesions
Anna-Katinka Bracher, Dissertation

Respiratory and Cardiac Self-Gated Radial MRI
Jan Paul, Dissertation

Entwicklung eines MRT-Phantoms mit T1/T2-Relaxationszeiten im Bereich des menschlichen Gewebes
Christoph Blank, Bachelor Thesis


High resolution MRI analysis of breast cancer xenograft on the chick chorioallantoic membrane
Zhi Zuo, Dissertation

Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of the Local Contrast Agent Aggregations using MRI
Ina Vernikouskaya, Dissertation

Optimierung der MRT-Bildrekonstruktion von radial gemessenen Echtzeitdaten in MATLAB und CUDA.
Harald Frey, Master Thesis


Die Compliance der Aorta nach endovaskulärer Versorgung bei akuter traumatischer Aortenraptur
Robert Kohlschmitt, Dissertation

Applikation der Magnetresonanztomographie für zahnmedizinische Fragestellungen
Michael Mess, Dissertation

Applicability of three-dimensional ultra-short echo time magnetic resonance imaging for in vivo assessment of caries lesions and early demineralization.
Christian Hofmann, Dissertation


Volumetric left ventricular tissue phase mapping at 3T - Sequence optimization and motion quantification
Anja Müller-Lutz, Dissertation


Gradientenfeldmessung eines 3Tesla Magnetresonanztomographen
Michael Eder, Dipl. Ing.

Berechnung und Analyse von Parametern zur Quantifizierung der Asynchronität des Herzschlages aus geschwindigkeitscodierten MRT-Aufnahmen
Jan Paul, Dipl. Inf.


T2-Prepared Segmented 3D Gradient Echo for Fast T2-Weighted High Resolution Three-Dimensional Imaging of the Carotid Artery Wall
Jian Zhu, Dr. med.


Automatische Verfolgung von Ablationskathetern in 3D
Diana Adam, M. Sc.
in Zusammenarbeit mit der Hoschschule Ulm, Fakultät Informtik, Prof. Harald Groß

Rekonstruktion von unterabgetasteten MRI Datensätzen, akquiriert auf beliebigen Abtastgittern
Christine Köhnlein, Dipl. Phys.

Projektionsrekonstruktionsmethoden für die fluoroskopische MRT unter Verwendung der "Goldenen Schnitt" Geometrie
Anna-Lena Bracher, Phsik B.Sc.
in Zusammenarbeit mit AG Materialwissenchaftliche Elektronenmikroskopie, Uni Ulm, Prof. Ute Kaiser

Integration eines low-cost Ultraschallsystems im MRT zur Detektion der atmungsabhängigen Herzlage
Sina Phister, B.Sc.
in Zusammenarbeit mit der Fakultät für Mechatronik und Medizintechnik, Hoschule Ulm, Prof. Ronald Blechschmidt-Trapp

Computer-aided detection of vessel wall thickening in MRI images
Moritz Eberl, M. Sc.
in Zusammenarbeit mit der Fakultät für Informatik, Hochschule Augsburg, Prof. Roesch


MRI Studies of Gadolinium based contrast agents loaded nanocapsules and iron loaded nanocapsules in chemical and biological environment
Sonu Sharma, Dr. biol.hum.

Iron Labelling of Mesenchymal Stem / Stroma Cells for MRI: Studies on Poly-L-Lactid Acid - Iron Nanoparticles
Gerlinde Schmidtke-Schrezenmeier, Dr. med.
in Zusammenarbeit mit der Klinik für Dermatologie und Allergologie der Universitätsklinik Ulm
Prof. Karin Scharffetter-Kochanek

Automatic modeling methods for 3D cardiac X-ray
Uwe Jandt, Dr. biol. hum.

Diagnostik der Aorten- und Mitralklappeninsuffizienz MRT versus Echokardiographie
Pierre Youtcheua Njindeu, Dr. med


Vierdimensionale Minimierung von patienteninduzierten Magnetfeldinhomogenitäten für die kardiale Magnetresonanztomographie
Miriam Rabea Kubach, Dipl. phys.
in Zusammenarbeit mit der Fakultät für Physik, Prof. Dr. G. Nienhaus


Integration von Magnetresonanztomographiedaten und Roentgenfluoroskopiedaten zur Unterstützung interventioneller Verfahren in der Kardiologie
Alois Goeth, Master of Science
in Zusammenarbeit mit der Fachhochschule Augsburg, Prof. Dr. Peter Roesch

Dreidimensionale Registrierung in der Koronardiagnostik
Danial Magg, Dipl. inf (FH)
in Zusammenarbeit mit der Hochschule Ulm, Prof. Dr. Guenter Gramlich

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