Innovative Imaging in Surgical Oncology Ulm (i2SOUL)

The interdisciplinary research consortium i2SOUL was founded in 2019. Its members include representatives from various institutes and clinical faculties who share the common goal of developing new and innovative imaging methods and using them in clinical applications for the benefit of our patients. The focus is on the optimization of surgical procedures for the treatment of solid tumors.

There is a close network between basic scientists, radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists and doctors from many disciplines who exchange information on the latest developments in modern imaging and develop common questions for relevant clinical research projects. The i2SOUL group is also associated with the Comprehensive Cancer Center Ulm (CCCU), the National Center for Tumor Diseases Southwest (NCT-SW) and the Center for Personalized Medicine (ZPM) in Ulm.

The general goals of i2SOUL are:

Interdisciplinary pooling of resources and know-how for better use of modern imaging methods for planning and performing oncological operations

  • Identification of diagnostic biomarkers and tracers for molecular visualization and hybrid imaging of solid tumors
  • Multiparametric imaging (mpRadiomics) and advanced functional techniques for preclinical and translational research
  • Preoperative planning of procedures and assessment of response to systemic neoadjuvant tumor therapies using imaging methods
  • New development of tracers and instruments for probe-based intraoperative tumor detection
  • Intraoperative use of imaging for precision surgery and navigation after radioactive labelling (so-called radioguided surgery) as well as for validation through the correlation with histopathological findings
  • Implementation and further development of innovative mechatronic / robotic techniques
  • Contribution to the development of future consortial research programs in the field of innovative imaging and its use in surgical oncology

The i2SOUL group introduces itself on the following pages. We hope to provide valuable information about our previous activities and the further planned research projects.

Ambros Beer, Meinrad Beer, Christian Bolenz, Stefan Britsch, Thomas Hoffmann, Fedor Jelezko, Rainer Wirtz
(Steering Group)

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